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Some of the benefits of outsourcing the finance and accounting function include:

  • reduced costs through wage arbitrage typically resulting in savings in excess of 25%
  • superior business intelligence and analytics allowing businesses to enhance margin through greater focus on product mix / yield management
  • allows management to focus on strategic priorities rather than routine back office functions
  • more accurate,relevant and timely financial information allowing improved working capital management
  • frees up capital as it moves expenditure from capital expenditure to operating expenditure
  • access to best practice in relation to processes, shortening reporting cycles and improving segregation of responsibilities and controls
  • full documentation of procedures and processes, ensuring improved consistency throughout an organisation
  • comprehensive measurement and tracking of key internal performance indicators and service levels, allowing enterprises to identify problem areas and bottlenecks and to deal with them accordingly
  • improved flexibility and scalability allowing businesses to react rapidly to volatile market conditions

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