We add value by understanding our clients' business

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We reduce our clients’ costs and
improve the functionality of their business processes

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Albacore prides itself on its highly focused client service philosophy. Our sole purpose is to understand our clients' needs and to develop and deliver solutions that meet those needs. We recognise that for clients' to trust us by outsourcing their finance and accounting function to us, we need to invest time in understanding our clients' businesses and their specific requirements. This philosophy drives how we engage with clients' and seek to understand their goals before proposing solutions.

We will typically send teams to prospective clients' to develop this understanding, to build a detailed profile of their requirements, and to define how we can assist them. Our client relationships are typically multi-year and therefore the setting of appropriate expectations and clarity of structured and unstructured communication is essential in maintaining strong client relationships.

Our contracts build in agreed service levels so that clients' have assurance about the levels of performance and regular accurate reporting of the performance against these agreed levels. We do everything we can to ensure that clients' know exactly what they will receive prior to entering into a service relationship with them.

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