About us

Our skills, values, knowledge and culture are embedded in our people

What we do

Albacore provides customised finance and accounting solutions to clients' across the globe, enabling them to focus on their core business. The solutions are built to meet the long-term strategic needs of the business, providing the most appropriate level of functional support to their core business while minimising the associated expense.

We work with our clients' to understand their existing finance and accounting processes and the associated functionality and costs. Following this analysis we develop a strategic plan to improve the cost and performance of the function, taking advantage of current best practice in processes and technology. The strategic plan may involve the simple outsourcing of transaction processing, or it may involve a combination of outsourcing, process re-engineering, and the implementation of new technologies. The strategic plan may have several phases to meet the changing needs of the business. We typically enter into long-term (multi-year) contracts for the provision of services to our clients' under these strategic plans.

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