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Historically the principal clients' for business process outsourcing have been large global enterprises. Recent advances in technology and communications have now brought the advantages of outsourcing within the reach of much smaller entities. The benefits of outsourcing can now prove attractive for organisations with as few as a handful of staff in the finance and accounting function.

Our focus is on providing finance and accounting business process outsourcing services to mid-size enterprises. Our services provide support to enterprises across all sectors and geographies and our technical resources enable us to process documents in all major languages.

At one end of the spectrum our clients' may already have sophisticated and streamlined processes, but wish to take advantage of outsourcing in order to reduce operating expenditure and to free up management time to focus on the core strategy. At the other end of the spectrum clients' may wish to take a quantum leap by not only outsourcing transaction processing, but by implementing a fully functioned ERP and the technology, systems and processes that will enable them to bring their business to the next level. In both these instances, and at every point in between, Albacore develops tightly defined solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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