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Business Transformation

Outsourcing transaction processing gives rise to clearly identifiable quick wins and savings in operating expenditure. When utilised in combination with the new enabling technologies and process re-engineering the impact can transform the quality and cost of business support operations.

Our expertise at financial process mapping, re-engineering and in change management allows us to help businesses by improving the way their complete finance and accounting function works. Comprehensive end to end knowledge of the finance and accounting functions allows us to make recommendations that are a combination of both technical and process improvements.

The benefits that these can bring include:

  • superior business intelligence
  • more accurate financial information
  • more timely financial information
  • documented processes
  • higher service levels
  • consistant tracking of service levels
  • rigourous controls
  • improved scalability
  • greater flexibility
  • consistency throughout a multisite organisation

The combination of outsourcing and technology enables mid-sized enterprises to compete on level terms with much larger entities. Margin improvement decisions can be made with the benefit of relevant, timely and accurate information, and key business drivers can be closely monitored. Improvements in information sets can give businesses a true competitive edge.

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