We add value by understanding our clients' business


All our outsourcing solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our clients', depending on the current status of operations and management’s strategic goals. However, certain common characteristics of enterprises that could benefit from outsourcing include:

  • basic, low value-added transaction processing in high labour cost locations
  • limited access to best practice in accounting processes and technology
  • lack of relevant, timely or reliable reports
  • lack of consolidated reports available on a monthly basis at group level
  • experiencing rapid growth, whether organically or by acquisition
  • multiple locations, potentially in different countries or with incompatible information systems
  • reporting that is driven by compliance not by management insight
  • accounting processes and procedures not clearly defined with and inadequate controls in place

We can work with potential clients' to offer solutions that will deliver clearly identifiable cost savings as well as the appropriate information sets to allow management to focus on delivering strong top line growth.

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