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Transaction processing

The basic building block of finance and accounting outsourcing is the outsourcing of transaction processing to a lower wage cost or higher productivity location without any significant alteration to processes or technology. This “lift and shift” model derives value for clients through wage arbitrage and the use of personnel who can increase productivity. The large global companies who have historically been the customers for BPO services have had strong internal processes and access to technology, which enabled them to readily transition to outsourcing. The sheer volume of accounting transactions was also great enough to make the cost reductions very significant.

Developments in communication technology, in enterprise software, and the developing talent pools in the BPO industry have now made the lower processing costs of finance and accounting BPO available to much smaller entities than has been the historical norm. Albacore is focused on providing outsourced transaction processing services to mid-size entities which up until now have not had ready access to such services.

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